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    Application =o



    Application =o

    Post  Jordan on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:24 pm


    1) How did you hear about OUAT ?
    Saw while fighting for Mvp of Atroce.

    2) Do you know anyone in OUAT? How well do they know you? Ask them to post in your thread or send me a PM.
    Meimiko, very well and Naninou, fairly well.

    3) What influenced your decision to join ?
    I need a guild and you guys are dungeon crawlers/big party-ers and I enjoy killing monsters. ^_~

    4) How long have you been playing RO ?
    8 years

    5) What time of day/night (specify time zone) can we generally find you online?
    I don't know the time zone, but it's United States East Coast, and on weekdays, I'm on from 7AM to 11PM, maybe take away some hours in between and weekends, I'm on at random times, usually mid day or late night.

    6) If you were in an another guild please state the reason/s why you left
    The guild I am currently in, I am in it because I was hired to get experience for the guild to level, so when the amount of experience is reached, I leave.

    7) What brings you the most enjoyment in game?
    Helping others, sounds corny but it's true. =X

    Personal Information:

    1) Ninja or Pirate?
    Pfft... Ninja.

    2) Tell us a little about you, the person. What would you like us to know? Anything unique, strange, or interesting you'd like to share?
    I'm a fair, fun-loving guy. I tend to help people. I'm kind of a pervert. xD I think that's all I really have to say about myself. =o

    3) How old are you? (if not answered in #2)

    4) What games and activities do you enjoy outside of RO?
    Bike-riding, Most games on xbox 360 and PS3, random impersonations of monsters, sleeping, and hanging out with my best friend.


    1) What is your main character's name, level, class, and build?
    Jordan, 99/70, Power/DPS build.

    2) How experienced are you with playing this character?
    Pretty experienced. =o

    3) Do you have any alts that you would plan to bring to the guild? Tell us a bit about them.
    The only alts I'd add into the guild would be my sage, and my HP, the sage for endow purposes through guild without having to party, and HP, for Asperio purposes through guild and because I take him where ever I go. The sage is ~Jordan~, 61, strictly int because I was trying to get him to sage ASAP. The HP is -Jordan-, 96/68, Dex build.

    4) Do you have any characters in other guilds?
    I bring all my characters into the same guild or they are guild-less.


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    Re: Application =o

    Post  Naninou on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:28 pm

    It's my friend and I want him in the guild ^^

    For more information about him pm me in game

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