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    Guild Rules


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    Guild Rules

    Post  Meimiko on Sun May 23, 2010 6:50 pm

    The following are some of the rules that we, as a guild, must adhere to. We need coordination in the guild, and if not everyone is united under the rules, that will only lead to failure. As such, then, please read the rules below before contemplating on joining our guild. If you have an objection or a question, feel free to voice it out and we'll see if we can work something out.

    1.) Main. The main guideline to our guild is that we are a family and work as a team. This being said, teamwork is essential to the workings of our guild, so we try to get along the best we can. Because of this fact, we do not allow just anyone in our guild, only people who are team players. If you're the type to shun others and think you're the best among all of us, then please leave now.

    2.) MvPing. Our guild is regularly active when it comes to MvPing, meaning we often do it everyday depending on who is available at the time. We do have a few select MvPs that we hunt everyday, like Amon and Gloom, and a bunch of others. We hunt these in parties, so we require coordination. As for the item drops, they will be shared among members. It will be explained more in rule 3.

    3.) Items. Everyone is responsible for their own equips/items, this is true. However, as a guild, we believe that if everyone pitches in to help someone, we get the items quicker, not to mention, we get geared up faster. This being said, one of our important rules, or suggestions really, is that you share your items with the person who needs it the most. This also accounts for the MvP drops. For example, the staffs dropped go to the mage class, bows to the archer class, etc. If you give something up, we'll soon return it back to you in the form of something you need.

    4.) Invites. The members of the guild are not to randomly invite just anyone into the guild, whether they be friends or not. Alts are iffy, but it depends on the room available in the guild. There is an application for people who wish to join the guild, so if you know someone who is interested in OUAT, please point them to the forums. As well, you may be put through a trial period, depending on the general guild's feel on you.

    5.) Confidentiality. This mostly applies for when we're MvPing. As a guild, we prioritize gearing everyone with important MvP drops, so it would definitely help if you don't tell everyone you know what we're hunting at that moment, or what we do generally. Competition is good, but there's also a fine line between that and when it just gets annoying.

    6.) WoE. Yes, we are a WoE guild. However, we plan on participating once everyone is geared up and ready to guy. This is why it our hunting parties and cooperation are essential, so we can go out there and kick some butt.

    7.) Alchemists. Like everyone else, we are not prohibiting alchemists, but we are somewhat strict on having them AFK. It looks bad on the guild, and you yourself looks bad as well. So try to avoid being afk or we might have second thoughts about having you in the guild.

    8.) Events. I assume we'll have some future guild events, but right now, they mostly consist of hunting parties (Marc card plox) and MvP parties, which we usually do one after the other. If you do have any suggestions, please feel free to PM any of the members and we'll be glad to listen.

    And that was it! I'm not sure why I was stuck writing these, but w/e. xD I had fun. So to future OUAT members, welcome to our guild! ^.~

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