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    Guild Application Template


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    Guild Application Template

    Post  Turks on Sun May 23, 2010 5:51 pm

    Please copy/paste this into your own application and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Make sure you've read all available stickies before applying.


    1) How did you hear about OUAT ?
    2) Do you know anyone in OUAT? How well do they know you? Ask them to post in your thread or send me a PM.
    3) What influenced your decision to join ?
    4) How long have you been playing RO ?
    5) What time of day/night (specify time zone) can we generally find you online?
    6) If you were in an another guild please state the reason/s why you left
    7) What brings you the most enjoyment in game?

    Personal Information:

    1) Ninja or Pirate?
    2) Tell us a little about you, the person. What would you like us to know? Anything unique, strange, or interesting you'd like to share?
    3) How old are you? (if not answered in #2)
    4) What games and activities do you enjoy outside of RO?


    1) What is your main character's name, level, class, and build?
    2) How experienced are you with playing this character?
    3) Do you have any alts that you would plan to bring to the guild? Tell us a bit about them.
    4) Do you have any characters in other guilds?

    By submitting this application, you understand and agree to the following:

    You have read, and agree to abide by all guild rules. If you have an issue with the guild's rules or members, you will discuss it with them and Guild leader calmly by PM to avoid drama.

    P.S You don't need a forum account to make an application form.

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